Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Holidays from the Emerald Coast

Happy Thanksgiving from Florida's Emerald Coast!
Remember, if you can't make it to the beach this holiday weekend, you are always welcome on the Cyber Coast where we offer flying surfboards (a.k.a. hydrofoils), awesome dive destinations, Wonder Women and #vanlife explorers. So, come get your dose of the Cyber Coast
See you there!
:) Tk

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Where to go today?

Where would you like to go today? On the Cyber Coast the choice is yours: Dive a hidden jewel in Budapest or go on a salty strike mission to find some emerald tubes.
So remember, if you can't get to the beach today, you can always visit (link in bio) and get some cyber sand between your toes!
See you there,
😊 Tk

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cheesy Vegan Tacos

Want a taste of #vanlife? Try the Nomadic Movement's Cheesy Vegan Tacos.
Full recipe available at You can even watch Kaylee prepare them herself.
See you there!
:) Tk

Flamingo Friday!

It's Flamingo Friday. Let's get the flock outta' here!
If you can't flock to the beach today, you're welcome to visit us on the Cyber Coast at and get a little cyber sand between your toes. 
See you there :) Tk

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Missing Puerto Rico

I'm missing Puerto Rico this morning. It's chilly here in northwest Florida, but I know it's warm and sunny on the island.
I took this photo on the beach in San Juan during the festival of  San Sebastian 2017. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Facebook FtPrints

FtPrint Media is now on Facebook. You may either join FtPrint Media Group or follow FtPrint Media's page.
See you there! :) Tk

Tribal FtPrints

Tribal people “follow a certain way of life and are clearly different from the mainstream,” according to British Anthropologist Stephen Corry.
I couldn’t agree more. We coastal souls take pride in being different from the mainstream. We may work a traditional job, have a traditional family and even own a traditional home, but we are free thinkers who take an unconventional approach to life. It’s not about what we have, but who we are. We’re travelers not tourists; explorers not sightseers; creators not consumers.
So, we invite you to join FtPrint Media’s tribe and get some cyber sand between your toes. Remember, if you can’t get to the beach today, you are always welcome on the CyberCoast.
See you there! :) Tk