Tabula rasa

Ahhh, the blank page. I know many writers find a blank page intimidating, but for me, it indicates a fresh start, a blank slate. So here we are Ms. Blank Page and I starting our morning with coffee and communication, two of my most favorite things. FtPrint Media was born from a season of grief, pain and familial responsibility. My husband and I spent almost a year taking care of our mothers who were both terminally ill. For months, we couldn’t see the light of day, much less sunshine, blue sky and recreation. So, when the season passed, we were faced with another kind of blank page… our lives. We had both given up careers to take care of family, so after a full year of emergency rooms, hospice visits, and everyday crisis, we were suddenly at loose ends. We packed our bags and headed for Rincon, Puerto Rico. It was like we had never seen blue sky, clear water, smiling faces enjoying life. We had come to a home that we had never seen before. Mind you, we live 28 miles from Florida’s Emerald Coast, so we both grew up on the “world’s most beautiful beaches,” but that first glimpse of Maria’s Beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico was like water to a hostage. On the plane back to Florida, we decided that we wanted work that would allow us to explore the coast, not any one coast but as many as possible. Hence, was born, a website “for the coastal soul,” because not everyone with a coastal soul lives near the coast. In the year since, I have created a Cyber Coast chocked full of surfing, diving and exploration content to give me and my tribe a vital dose of the coast. So, as we soft launch the website this week, I invite you, my social media tribe, to visit me at (link in bio) and get your dose of the cyber coast. I update content weekly if not daily and feature articles and videos related to surfing/diving/exploring the coast. Since we do most of our exploring in a 2003 conversion van, we also feature van life content. See you there! 😊 Tkvia Instagram


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