We woke up to 40-degree temperatures here in northwest Florida this morning. I know most folks, consider that balmy, but for native Floridians, it’s quite chilly!
According to the weather channel, we can expect sunshine with a high around 73 today, so it could certainly be worse.
Thankfully, we don’t have much cold weather. This time of year, we’ll have a cool snap, followed by a few ideal days, then another snap. Usually, January and February are consistently chilly and even have some nights with temperatures in the 20’s. But by March, we’re thawing out nicely and preparing for beach weather.
We’ve been on one cold-weather vacation. In 2001 we spent a week in a cabin near Cataloochee Ski Resort in North Carolina.
Don’t get me wrong, I love snow if I’m warm and dry. It’s beautiful, ethereal, romantic. But I’m a fifth-generation Floridian with a low tolerance for cold, so I stayed in the lodge and admired it through the window for most of the week.
I did enjoy the bunny slope and totally understand how enticing skiing and snowboarding can be. I just couldn’t get past that cold, biting wind. However, for those coastal souls who enjoy the cold, FtPrint Media features articles and videos related to cold water surfing and the gear, conditions and attitude that make it possible.
Watch as Josh Mulcoy surfs the land of fire and ice, learn how to enjoy winter waves and stay focused, and get 7 tips for cold water surfing all at FtPrintMedia.com (link in bio).

See you there! 😊 Tk


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