Kahuna Uli, a.k.a. The Blue Kahuna

For some reason, I’m often the one that friends and family come to when they need health and wellness advice. I have studied natural healing, yoga, healthy eating, sustainable lifestyle, etc.  for as long as any of us can remember, so I’m the go-to guru in our little group for the sick, injured and depressed.  Just last week, YouTube and I splinted a dog’s broken leg.

After my children grew up and flew the coop, they would still call home for health advice and occasionally even call with questions about friends’ and coworkers’ health issues. I was surprised by how sure they were that I could diagnose and advise them over the phone, but for the most part, it worked.

So was born, the Kahuna Uli or The Blue Kahuna (from what I can tell, Uli means blue in Polynesian). Since bluespace is vital to mental, spiritual and physical health (see earlier post regarding bluespace), the name seems appropriate. 

On Kahuna Uli’s page at ftprint.com, I share tonics and remedies that support both physical and mental health, since shamans, kahunas and healers do not distinguish between the mind, spirit and physical body. They are one in the same.
This week Kahuna Uli features the H20 Mojito, a simple yet refreshing beverage designed to brighten your day and energize your body, mind and spirit. So, come visit us on the Cyber Coast (www.ftprintmedia.com) and fill your Kahuna Uli RX.

šŸ˜Š Tk


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